The Naperville Weightloss Center provides new patients with an initial face-to-face health assessment, laboratory work, FDA approved medications for weight loss. Additional medications used are Lipo-B and B12 injections. We also provide an opportunity for nutritional counseling and support.

What to expect - 3 steps to a personalized weightloss plan

your medical history

Step 1. Information and Consent
The NWLC staff will provide you with the forms to gather information about your overall health and your willingness to participate in the program.

body composition analysis
Step 2. Health Assessment
NWLC staff will brief you on our program as they proceed to take vitals signs (blood pressure,temperature,pulse) weight and EKG.

consultation with CMWL doctor
Step 3. Personalized Weight Loss Plan
The NWLC physician and/or physician assistant will review your medical history and conclude with customized plan depending on your medical status and program of choice.

Initial consultation fee starts at $25. Call us at (630) 355-1533 or click here to get in touch with the NWLC staff for more information.


Potential for Abuse or Dependence

Currently, all prescription medications to treat obesity except orlistat are controlled substances, meaning doctors need to follow certain restrictions when prescribing many weight-loss medications. Although abuse and dependence are not .

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Development of Tolerance

Most studies of weight-loss medications show that a patient's weight tends to level off after 4 to 6 months while still on medication. While some patients and physicians may be concerned that this shows tolerance to the medications, the leveling off may mean that the .

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Obesity as a Chronic Disease

Obesity often is viewed as the result of a lack of willpower, weakness, or a lifestyle "choice"--the choice to overeat and under exercise. The belief that persons choose to be obese adds to the hesitation of health professionals and patients to accept the use of long-term appetite.

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Side Effects

Because weight-loss medications are used to treat a condition that affects millions of people, many of whom are basically healthy, their potential for side effects is of great concern. Most side effects of these medications are mild and usually improve with continued treatment. Rarely, serious and even fatal out.

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