Patient Testimonials
  • Love this little office. Staff is nice. Always encouraging and motivating me to change my ways!  ~Alexandra

  • Love Naperville Weight loss ;) The nurses and aids are so helpful and understand what I’m going through and encourage me to cut back on the bad things in my life. Since joining my habits are done. No more junk food, no more cravings, no more unhealthy snacks, no more fat. I am seriously a new person. No one can recognize me because I look that much better without the excess weight. I used to wear extra large and now I am down to a medium. My children are so proud of me. I wish I could share to the entire world that this is the miracle. Don’t fall for the silly gimmicks out there. This is so much easier and will change everything about you. I promise!  ~Paulina

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Initial consultation fee starts at $25. Call us at (630) 355-1533 or click here to get in touch with the NWLC staff for more information.